What is Start Live Casino? Nothing but your next partner for iGaming products! Established as a Software and Solutions Provider, we specialized ourselves, step after step, in games selection and integration, offering a vast catalogue of iGaming products, available in one single package.
As an iGaming aggregator, we propose hundreds of games. Coming from the best development studios from all around the world, chosen by us according to our standards of quality, putting our developers on the line to integrate them on your website, it is only a matter for you of selecting them, according to you or your customers’ wishes, coordinating together all along the way.

Total Honesty

This guideline, given by the founder, always defined Start Live Casino until now. We are here to provide the best iGaming experience. We work to enforce quality standards and practices, 24/7.

Games Integration, a State of the Art Business

Games integration is all about introducing different software, products and games to a single gambling website, motivated by the fact that players always want to multiply their experiences, try their luck at that new game, that new slot, that new possibility for on-going thrills, entertainment, fun and profit. That is where we step in.

Quality AND Quantity

Live Dealers table games, card games, dice games, token games, roulettes, slots, lotteries, keno, sportbooks… We have it all. Only you define the limit!
For everyone wishing to expand their business or career, Start Live Casino can be your new best partner, as a unique aggregator, provider and integrator.

Our Values

  • Seek Success
  • Lend Livelihood
  • Constant Care
Seek Success Lend Livelihood Constant Care