How to Start an Online Casino – Part 2

The Supplier

In our previous article, we explained that the 3 “S” Strategy for a Safe, Strong, and Successful online casino started with the supplier. We’ll explore deeper into that part today through 4 points you must study, investigate, and eventually ask directly to ensure that the online casino provider you’re talking to is the right one. Let’s get started.

  1. The Price

Let’s cut to the chase and go straight to the first problem an iGaming entrepreneur meets when they want to start an online casino: the price. People who are already in the market will tell you a common price would be $20,000. It is definitely turning people off from actually making their dreams come true. But online casinos don’t have to be so expensive. In the market exists turnkey, ready-made solutions around –and that’s the exclusive data we’re giving right now! – $5,000! You can even bargain for lower! And don’t believe you’ll only get a bare-bones website with that price. It has to include the games, the back-end office software, the payment methods, and more! But we’ll go back to that soon enough in another publication.

how to start your online casino part 2

  1. The License

iGaming is a heavily regulated industry, and rightfully so. Nobody wants the corporate landscape to become dishonest, as that would turn customers away. The goal of online casinos is to give a good time to players who must NEVER have a second thought about the platform they’re putting in, be it their local currency or cryptocurrencies. That is why you must absolutely check their license to operate and don’t be afraid to ask them directly. They know they must prove themselves to get the contract you’re looking for, and MUST show that they’re going to provide the right service. Should they act annoyed, refuse, or trying to escape. it is the proof that the supplier is no good.

On that note, ask also the websites they created, check the end result and get in touch with the operators they already have provided the services for. They’ll give you an insider point of view. Such testimonials can become quickly invaluable.

  1. The Customer Service

This one is less tricky that the previous points, as it is true for every industry. Still, we decided to write it here as good reminder. Simply said, they must give you the best customer experience. Any trouble that arises, unexplained delays, flippant attitude, or inability to comply with their policies is a no-go. Either they improve or you’re out.

  1. Additional Services

Last but not least, a good online casino provider does not stop at making the website and implementing the games, it must make operators’ lives easier at every corner, through additional services: customer service outsourcing for your own website, hosting, data protection… You name it! The more they offer, the better for your online casino down the line, tackling every unforeseen problem or issue you didn’t expect.

And that’s it for the supplier. Tune in next week for the third part on our publications on how to start an online casino, this time on iGaming software.

Wishing you success in the iGaming world, Start Live Casino.

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