How to Start an Online Casino – Part 1

The Strategy

Dear iGaming executives, experts, and players,

This week, we are starting a 7-part newsletter series on the best way to earn money in a casino: owning one. And not just any one: an online casino!

You definitely saw many of them around. Perhaps you enjoyed them as well; their slots, live games, lotteries… There are definitely enough games for a lifetime. And we’re sure that more than one of you wondered if one day, they could have their own online casino. Perhaps you identified a good niche, you envisioned something more adapted to your culture and to your tastes. But starting one, while easy, is not commonplace knowledge, not to mention many questions can rise along the way. The costs of course, but also the security, the equipment, the staff needed…

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the real beginning, where dreams become reality: the strategy.

How To Start An Online Casino - Body

The 3 “S” plan for online casino

Start Live Casino wants its valued followers to succeed and answers the question – How to start an online casino, which is why we are uncovering today a unique strategy we honed over years of experience and practice, the 3 “S”. It has several layers of meaning, so let’s see what it must achieve first:

  • Success: obviously
  • Safety: for both you as an operator and for your players
  • Strength: creating an infrastructure that can answer to all unexpected challenges

And for that, the 3 “S” plan must consider this:

  • Supplier: the people in charge of your website and games
  • Software: what you will use to run your everyday operations
  • Staff: who is needed, and where they are needed

And with that, let’s review them.

The Supplier

So you want to know how to start an online casino and you want an online casino? You already have the design in mind, and the games you want to see on your platform! Perfect! You only need to submit a proposal to a supplier who will provide a quote for the creation of the website and the implementation of the game. They’ll guide you for your plan and ensure that the costs stay low. As it is, Start Live Casino is one of them.

The Software

For the frontend and backend management. By frontend, we mean the iGaming website, the supplier will provide, and by backend, we’re talking about what an iGaming software must absolutely do for smooth earning. Find more details on our website!

The Staff

It depends on your ambition but that’s the easy part. A keen entrepreneur can be alone, taking care only of the Marketing and Promotions, while hiring specialists or freelancers for technical matters or customer service. Or you can hire according to specificities. Ask for quotes, compare, and choose!

We will come back to these “S” in the future weeks in more details, so don’t miss out! Wishing you success in the iGaming world, Start Live Casino.

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