Gambling should always be an activity one practices for fun. Under no case, Start Live Casino wants its products and activities to create an addiction. We take good steps to avoid that, through our three-step approach:

  • Communication and collaboration between the company and its customers.
  • Promote ethics and trust under the Start Live Casino. We operate our business the same way we treat customers: with care, good behavior and humanity.
  • Full respect of the laws we operate under. They protect the people and so do we.

Four pillars.

  • Training of our workforce on the dangers of gambling addiction.
  • Prevention policies to detect dangerous comportments and protect those in need.
  • Age verification.
  • Cooperation with the states for the fight against fraud and laundering.

Underage gaming

It is fully forbidden for minors to participate in online gambling activities. Therefore, registering an account and playing with us is restricted to persons over eighteen (18) years old.

For those over 18, the use of a filtering software of your choice is recommended to avoid any access from minors to casino content.